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1.  Get a system.

Winning business is a war not a battle and you need a system to ensure no opportunity gets missed.  A Customer Relationship Management system, such as Microsoft CRM, allows you to track every lead from first contact through to completed contract.  Plus, it provides the means to co-ordinate your sales team so you all march in the same direction. This article is provided to share practical advice for any company interested in .


2.  Measure the performance of your sales team.

If you don’t measure it you can’t improve it is an old maxim, but it is as true now as ever.  Use IT to keep a record of all your sales teams activities and then measure these and their outcomes against your targets.  Review regularly, that way if there any discrepancies between actual and target small adjustments should bring them back into line.


3.  Get mobile.

Do you want to see your sales team in the office or out interacting with customers?  If it’s the latter then make sure they have the IT tools available to them to keep them productive on the road.  With the IT options available now there is no reason why your sales team should not have the same access to information and systems when on the road as they do in the office.


4.  Make the most of your web site.

Making your web site search engine friendly and keeping the content on the site fresh are good ways of attracting visitors to your site.  Once on the site does it have a call to action?  Is there something to grab the customers attention and prompt them into contact?  Try it out yourself on your own web site then review.


5.  Make full use of all the ways of contacting your prospective customers.

Email, Blogs, Web site, Fax, SMS, Direct Mail, Social Networking, and Smart Phone apps are just some of the means of making contact with your prospective customer base.  Each have pros and cons that need to be considered as part of an overall marketing campaign, but together they can be a very cost effective way of making contact with prospective customers.


6.  Google Adwords.

Google (and the other search engines) allow you to buy particular words and search phrases.  When a visitor to the search engine enters your word or phrase your link and details will be displayed along with the usual search results.  Best of all you only pay for each click-thru.  It’s a great way of ensuring your site gets listed when your prospective customers search for related terms.


7.  Use IT to keep your customers.

Remember to invest as much effort into keeping your customers as you do into winning them.  Use IT to produce regular reports for your customers so they know what you are doing for them now and what more you could be doing for them.  A desktop publishing package like Microsoft Publisher is a great way to produce slick communications and utilise email to keep the distribution costs down.

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Samsung TV’s

Just got smarter with a major update of the Operating System and a new quad-core processor.  Thats right, Quad core = four times the power.  Couple this (and also probably to accomodate this!) with the new features of facial recognition – allowing the smart TV to recognise who is watching and tailor the content to that user. Parents will love this feature, no more only getting kids programs suggested to you all the time.

Improved gesture controls – we always found these to be pretty good even from the first versions.  But ok, improved is usually a better thing!


Another cool feature is the predictive analysis system which will monitor your viewing habits and suggest more relevant content. Hopefully allowing you to find more shows and series that suit your tastes in the black hole that is the 500 million channels we now are provided with.


Google Glasses

Simply awesome.  The spearhead of wearable tech. Will it be the game-changer that befell the original iPod and iPhones ?



3D Printers

Basically this works by putting thin layers of plastic together one by one on top of one another to finally produce a 3d object from a Computer Generated Image. Very Sci-Fi..

After the initial cost of the printer itself and the consimables, it is set to provide a cost effective way of producing items. The process is also very quick when compared to the conventional way of attaining products.

Think about what you want to get >

Walk / drive to the shop >

Buy the product > Pay>

Walk / drive back home and sit down again.


Think about what you want, then click print!  Surely it cannot be this simple.

….and finally Google Nose! is almost with us.  What does a wet dog smell like? amazing!


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